Drama club flies high in “Peter and the Starcatcher”

Ella Lukowiak

For the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak, the CHS Drama Club got students back on the stage with the fall production of “Peter and the Starcatcher.” On Nov. 20 and 21, friends, families and students packed the cafeteria to enjoy the fully student-run production. Senior Maggie Schneider directed the play alongside producer senior Ainsley Lang. Due to the pandemic, the two girls missed the opportunity to have a year of assistant experience under their belts.

“It definitely was challenging especially because we didn’t have a lot of guidance with that aspect of drama club. But…we didn’t have the restrictions put on us where we had to follow a certain set of rules that were in place beforehand. We were sort of able to make it up as we went along and create our own rules,” Schneider says of the experience.

In the pictures, clockwise, senior John Garby and sophomore Carl Smith; from the left, junior Joey Esposito, sophomore Jordan Juliano, Garby, and sophomore Hannah Cohen; from the left, Esposito, Juliano, Garby, and Cohen; from the left, Juliano, sophomore Brandon Kopp, and Garby. Garby starred as Peter, Smith as Black Stache, Esposito as Prentiss, Juliano as Ted, Cohen as Molly, and Kopp as Mrs. Bumbrake.