Homemade Halloween costumes



CHS students commonly make homemade Halloween costumes. https://unsplash.com/license

Mackenzie Prince and Alex Batzar

Since the 14th century, Halloween has been known as the one day where everybody can fully express themselves and be whoever they want without any fear. In today’s world, Halloween costumes best achieve this goal.

Homemade Halloween costumes are a welcomed way for people of all ages to share their talents for art and costume-making, especially for the students of Communications High School. Every year for Fall Spirit Week, CHS students arrive at school wearing unique Halloween costumes, many of which are homemade, that showcase their spectacular talents.

Senior Quinn Hoagland of Colts Neck uses the CHS Halloween spirit as a creative outlet for costume-making. 

Hoagland has made her own costumes for nearly all four years of high school. According to her, the most memorable has been her Amazon Echo costume she made as a sophomore. 

“For the Halloween parade that year, I had Sam Skolnick run out and yell ‘Alexa, play the ‘Cotton Eye Joe,” Hoagland said. 

She further explained how she has always found making Halloween costumes to be a fun hobby. Unfortunately, her costume this year will not be homemade, but she is more than excited to fulfill her idea and dress up as a purple Teletubby.

Sophomore Lydia Olivieri of Colts Neck also makes her own Halloween costumes, using it as a way to appreciate her favorite characters.

Though Olivieri did not make her Halloween costume this year, she still makes clothes as a hobby year-round and is currently working on an evening gown, which she is extremely excited about. 

There are many other numerous talents of CHS involving design and costume-making, and homemade Halloween costumes are the perfect way to get involved. Even if you’re not going to be creating your own costume, “Halloween will be as fun as ever!” says Hoagland.