Winter break has students on thin ice before finals


During winter break students try to relax even with finals looming over their heads.

Luke Bigley and Ethan Wen

The longest break of the school year, winter break, allows students and teachers to ring in the New Year during an almost two week period from Dec. 24 through Jan. 2. However, this break occurs just weeks before the first set of finals at CHS, calling to question whether CHS students and staff can truly use the time for rest and relaxation.

Freshman Maxine Zahler of Long Branch appreciates the break before finals.

“Winter break is a great time to destress, especially from all our schoolwork,” Zahler said.

To combat the stress from upcoming finals, programming teacher Laura Gesin schedules lesson plans to align with the break in order to prevent students from doing work during the time off. This also prevents students from forgetting information since they aren’t stuck in the middle of a chapter.

“I try really hard to not to give you guys work and to not give work to myself,” Gesin said.

English teacher Emily Soto also tries to avoid giving work over the break but notes the frenzied week prior to time off also has an effect on students.

“The last week before break is always crazy, everyone is just ready for their vacation and that impacts learning,” Soto said.

Sophomore Marcelo Erazo-Kase of Keyport refers to winter break as “a blessing and a curse,” noting that while students use this time to relax and enjoy the holidays with friends and family, the looming threat of finals is ever-present. Many CHS students feel similarly to Soto in that they would like to avoid work over break, but the threat of finals looms for some.

“I’ve only ever thought about break as getting time off from school. It’s a nice time to take off and enjoy all the snow that’s coming in,” said senior James Finnegan of Brielle.

Regardless of upcoming exams or impending assignments, winter break acts as a break between the woes of the school year.

“You don’t get that time back take a break, live life,” said Gesin.