Juniors put brakes on car registration



Survey of 13 CHS juniors from Feb. 18, 2022 to Feb. 25, 2022.

Julia Homza

Students at Communications High School are obligated to fill out registration forms to drive to school, but many juniors have not completed this necessity.

While seniors are required to register their cars with the school if they drive to their mentorship program, juniors that drive don’t have the same stipulations. As a result, many juniors are unaware about the requirement.

Along with 61.5% of juniors polled, junior Lucy Battista of Tinton Falls said “No, I didn’t know it had to be registered.”

In the minority is junior Luke Chrzan of Middletown who has been driving since October of 2021, who said, “We called up the main office and asked them how you register.”

In addition to the information students provide on these forms, they also agree to various regulations, such as needing written permission from guardians of all drivers and passengers to carpool, resubmitting all information with each school year and the potential loss of driving privileges if they break these rules.

Principal James Gleason said that there isn’t necessarily an announcement about this requirement, but it is still expected.

Gleason said “There is a form here in the main office for them to register their cars, so I don’t think that there’s a formal process for that other than it’s in the student handbook that students should have their cars registered.”

The forms explain that students aren’t guaranteed the right to drive to school, saying “Students attending Communications High School are provided with transportation to and from school. Therefore, student driving is considered a privilege and qualified students who wish to drive will (a) supply the appropriate information requested below and (b) agree to abide by the regulations enumerated below.”

Alongside other personal information, students are required to list their license plate number, make and model of their cars and their insurance company on the required forms.

Among the 38.5% of juniors polled that know their cars are meant to be registered with the school, there are some that still ultimately don’t fill out the registration. Junior Alexa Cichon of Neptune has been driving since February and though she is aware of the registration forms, she hasn’t completed them.

“I just felt like I didn’t need to and I also didn’t care enough,” Cichon said. “I didn’t think it was important.”

On why students have to register their cars with the school, Gleason said it’s significance is “Just so that we know who’s driving to school.”