Video edits sparkle as a new potential art form on TikTok



Many TikTok users find editing to be a popular source of content that involves different types of fan media.

Lily Howard and Cindy Lin

Flashing images, photos dancing across the screen and footage rhythmically changing speed to music — it’s taken TikTok by storm through a new trend: fan-made edits.

Edits are videos that combine different pieces of footage, photos, art or other media to show appreciation for a specific piece of content. They reside on all social media platforms but have held TikTok in an iron grip with the app’s hashtag “edit” garnering over 300 billion views.

Unlike professional editing in films and television shows, edits on Tiktok are geared toward fan-edited content of movies, games or anything in between. Sound effects, transitions, filters and other embellishments are added to make the collective media look interesting and flow together well.

Junior Alex Dornemann of Eatontown enjoys many of these fan edits even if they do not know what media they’re from.

One of the most popular edit types on TikTok is the “velocity edit,” which involves a video changing speed to the beat of a song, often accompanied with flashing lights or clip transitions. Sophomore Khanh Le of Ocean understands the popularity of these edits but feels that velocity edit filters take away the charm of video editing.

“I don’t think people who use the filters usually know what an edit is really like,” Le said. “Because it’s more than moving around.”

Dornemann also understands that despite all they have to offer, many edits are made by younger audiences and are of poorer quality.

“There are good ones that have so much to offer and then there’s the really bad ones that children make,” Dornemann said. “Like the ones where it’s like Charli D’Amelio edits. Sometimes these come up and I just can’t tell if it’s satire or not.”

Even though not all edits have the best content, Le feels they should be valued. As someone who makes edits, she knows the effort put into them and even views them as art that people can express themselves with.

“It’s another form of art you can enjoy,” Le said. “Art is like one image you can look at and then edits are a whole bunch of images. If a certain song could also be used to add more meaning and how they choose to compose the images really adds to it.”