Brianna Driver turns the classroom into Comic-Con with her costumes



Brianna Driver dresses up in various superhero costumes for special occasions, including the premier of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Ori Rosmarin

Most high school students wouldn’t expect to see Spider-Man on their daily commute to class; with an affinity for the fashion avant-garde, the students and teachers of CHS often find themselves thinking they have seen it all.

Yet, there she was: sophomore Brianna Driver of Freehold dressed in a Spider-Man costume to celebrate the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Spider-Man would only be the first of Driver’s costumes to grace the halls of CHS.

Driver’s first experience dressing up was last October when she attended her first Comic-Con as a Jedi from Star Wars.

“I was really excited to go and I knew that everyone at Comic-Con dresses up,” Driver said. “I knew I had to bring it.”

Then, when Spider-Man: No Way Home came out, Driver intended to bring Comic-Con to Communications High School.

She worried that the costumes would interfere with the dress code and would be considered too out-of-line. However, when she walked into school she was greeted with nothing but amusement from her teachers and saw no backlash.

“I just thought it would be super funny,” Driver said “It was really spontaneous and I was apprehensive about it, but I really just wanted to surprise people.”

Driver’s brother, CHS junior Ethan Driver of Freehold, explains that he’s excited to see his sister dress up as more superheroes in the future.

“The costumes are really cool,” he said. “They make me laugh a lot.”

Driver’s second costume celebrated the premiere of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Freshman Aki Sykes of Tinton Falls explained that she loved the costume and was awe-struck by Drivers’ spectacular portrayal of Batman.

“It was so funny to see a girl dressed as Batman just walking around,” Sykes said.

Although playing dress-up doesn’t necessarily align with Driver’s aspiring career plans, she hopes to participate in costume-based conventions in the future.

Driver said that she would love for future classes of CHS students to follow her lead in wearing costumes to school.

“If I saw someone else dressing up, I would be ecstatic,” Driver said. “That would be something so cool to leave behind in this school, I would love for this to be something people remember me by.”