New audiences tune in as influencers enter the runway


New influencers are now being integrated into the fashion world and are bringing higher end brands a market for the younger population.

Cate Stanziola and Isabella Remolina

The rise of social media stars in the front-row seats of catwalks at the most prestigious fashion events has sparked some debate. Fashion used to be dictated by industry experts and high-end brands, however, those seats are now occupied by teenagers.

Contrary to popular belief, people working within the fashion industry and models themselves have viewed this change as a positive win for fashion.

Kelly Reynolds, the Director of Private Client Relations for Saks Fifth Avenue, supplies clients with opportunities and openings to attend exclusive and coveted fashion events. These events include New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and even Paris Fashion Week.

“The diverse attendance to fashion shows, in my opinion, is a good question for national and international we positive influence on the fashion industry at large,” Reynolds stated. “Social media influencers and celebrities (not traditionally associated with the industry) send a diverse and direct message to followers, creating brand awareness and immediate access to designer trends.”

Sophomore Charlotte Ross of Fair Haven feels differently.

Influencer hub InFlow Network disagrees with this statement; they believe that the partnership between influencers and designer brands can only better the fashion industry. InFlow Network clarified their stance on having influencer Charlie D’Amelio partnered with high-end fashion brand Prada.

“Despite having little to do with fashion, Charlie D’Amelio’s presence brought a new audience to the Italian fashion house and positioned Prada as a brand that the youth would desire and yearn for,” the company said.

Influencers and bloggers alike have brought an efficient and fresh way to not only spread brand awareness, but also engage a younger audience in couture. People within the fashion industry, like Kelly Reynolds, find this new guest list exciting and are delighted to see an appreciation for the art.

“I was excited to see a broad range of attendees to shows, rather than traditional attendees,” Reynolds said. “The more individuals from different backgrounds that can experience the beauty of fashion, the better in my opinion.”