Inconsistent temperatures at CHS becoming hot-button issue

Survey of 54 CHS students from Dec. 6 to Dec. 16.


Survey of 54 CHS students from Dec. 6 to Dec. 16.

Siofra King

The temperature at CHS has been an ongoing complaint between students who are constantly criticizing the temperature for being “freezing” or “too hot” based on their location in the building.

“Upstairs has been really cold and downstairs has been really hot,” said sophomore Savannah Bennett of Keyport.

Freshman Audrey Howard of Shrewsbury agreed with Bennett’s statement.

“It’s especially cold in Mr. Venezia’s biology room,” Howard said.

However, it appears the CHS faculty do not feel the same way. Principal James Gleason spoke regarding the temperature complaints.

“I would say that typical temperatures are very dependent on teachers and their classrooms, so some like it hot and some like it cold. But [the temperature] shouldn’t be too far out the window of 71-72 degrees.”

Gleason also explained how the thermostats work, emphasizing that the temperature should not vary too much.

“There are thermostats in every classroom and just about every area, even in the hallways and cafeteria. There’s a five- degree range on the thermostats with heat and cold, so it’s not a matter of heat being turned off or air conditioning being turned off.”

Spanish teacher Monica Impaglia also spoke about her experiences with the temperature.

“My students comment on the temperature of the classroom every single day. It’s usually cold when I come into the classroom, and when I use the thermostat after third period, it’s warm enough for my fourth-period class.”

Both Bennett and sophomore Madisyn Zito of Howell agreed that the temperature of CHS creates a dilemma regarding their outfit choices.

“It’s a new temperature in every classroom, and I hate it. I don’t know what to wear to school,” Zito said.

A rumor circulating CHS is that cold temperatures are a way to enforce dress code cooperation. Gleason responded to this theory.

“I’ve heard that, but I don’t think there’s anything overly cold,” Gleason said.

This “freezing” temperature not only causes nominal problems like the outfits people choose to wear but also greater consequences. Howard spoke about the ramifications of the temperature.

“I can’t learn if I’m cold,” Howard said.

“We experience all four seasons in this room in three hours,” said TV teacher Jennifer Cornine regarding the TV studio.