Class of 2025 wins back-to-back Spirit Weeks: Lip Sync determines the Spring Spirit Week 2023 winner

The freshmen win Lip Sync performing classic Disney Channel hits. The sophomore class follows them with a “Sophomore Slump” theme, then the seniors with a Superbowl Halftime show theme and lastly the juniors with a “Hunger Games” theme.

Siofra King

While Communications High School students may be known for their impeccable fashion, on Friday, April 28, all students channeled Adam Sandler as their fashion inspiration for the last day of Spring Spirit Week. 

CHS students were seen walking the halls in their big tee shirts and long basketball shorts, looking to get as many possible points with the theme of Adam Sandler day. 

Anticipation filled the halls with what was to come at lunch with the annual Lip Sync Battle. 

Thursday ended with the sophomores leading with 215 points, seniors trailing behind with 213 points, freshmen with 170 points and juniors with 168 points. With the standings so close, the results of the Lip Sync would decide which grade took home the trophy. 

Freshmen performed first with their Disney Channel-themed lip sync which included songs from Disney Channel Original Movies such as “High School Musical” and “Lemonade Mouth.” 

Next, the sophomores embraced  “Sophomore Slump” in their performance. They wore black with eyeliner and eye black, stomped on chairs and ripped up papers. 

The juniors went third with their “Hunger Games” inspired routine, wearing numbers on their chests to signify their districts. 

The seniors closed out the battle with their Halftime Show lip sync. They recreated past Super Bowl Halftime shows from Rihanna, Katy Perry and ended with Coldplay. 

After a few minutes of deliberation, the Student Government Association (SGA) announced the results. The freshman won the lip sync content, followed by the sophomores in second, seniors in third, and juniors in last. 

Freshman council member Izzy San Fillipo of Wall Township spoke about her grade’s hard work and success in the lip sync. 

“We practiced everyday of lunch, without fail, and there was so much work and dedication put into it,” San Fillipo said. “We got out there with loads of energy, and we did it. We were all screaming when we found out we got first.”

The final results of Spring Spirit Week 2023 consisted of the sophomores in first with 293 points, seniors with 271 points, freshmen with 265 points and juniors with 188 points. Sophomore Class President Phin Whedon of Wall Township was ecstatic with his grade’s victory for the second time this year as the Class of 2025 won both Fall and Spring Spirit Week. 

“It feels incredible,” said Whedon. “It was a lot of prep, a lot of organization to get the lip sync together, to get all the scavs together, to prepare for all the events, and I’m happy we got rewarded for it.”