Astrology’s impact: CHS students looking to the stars for guidance


Astrology is a big topic of conversation at Communications High School.

Ori Rosmarin and Julia Homza

The question, “What’s your sign?” seems to fuel an ever-growing topic of conversation amongst teenagers. While in decades past, the average teenager might have been familiar with their sun sign, CHS students seem to have a far more developed understanding of astrological matters.

“It’s so normal to hear astrology discussed in depth here,” sophomore Ava Luu of Cream Ridge said. “While at my home high school, it would rarely get brought up and maybe make ten seconds of conversation.”

According to Luu, birth charts and horoscopes seem to find a place in her friend groups’ lunch table conversations often. She and her friends regularly analyze each other’s charts and discuss the accuracy.

Vogue’s Sophie Clark notes the advantages of astrology.

“There is potentially a good marriage between the development of psychology and the development of spirituality,” Clark said.

Clark goes on to say that astrology is known to relieve stress and provide a better understanding of oneself.

The advantages of astrological knowledge do not end there. The late tycoon, JP Morgan, famously said, “millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do,” and hired astrologers to assist him in his financial investments. Recognizing this, recommends readers take planetary cycles into account when investing.

Sophomore Charlotte Ross of Fair Haven utilizes astrology in her relationships by using sign compatibility.

“While it’s not always fair to, I do sometimes judge people based on their birth charts. It’s just so accurate that sometimes I feel like I have to. I’d say that I’m spiritually compatible with the people I’m closest to,” Ross said.

Astrological philosophies have become more accessible in recent years through apps like Co-Star and Nebula, which has led to an overall increase in astrological practices. According to, one in four Americans believe in astrology.

Ross, along with many of her peers, is able to recite her sun, moon and rising signs off the top of her head and understands what each one means in regards to her personality.

“I’m a Cancer sun, Cancer moon, Libra rising,” Ross says. “I think my birth chart is 100% accurate, my horoscope always makes so much sense.”