Ginny and Georgia S2 Review


Season 2 of Netflix original series Ginny and Georgia is out, and everybody seems to be watching.

Kylie Aprilante and Kelly Matthews

“Ginny and Georgia” fans went crazy on Jan. 5, 2023, with the release of the show’s second season. The new season consists of ten engaging and drama-filled episodes with lots of awkward teenage romance and complicated quarrels. 

The hit show follows Georgia, who is dealing with the consequences of her past actions, and her daughter Ginny, who is struggling to find her place in the world. We follow the pair through the ups and downs of navigating what life throws at them.

In season one, viewers saw that Ginny and Georgia had an intriguing relationship: always on or off. Some days, they got along well. Others, they were each other’s worst enemies. This is only heightened by Georgia’s constant secret-keeping and Ginny’s angsty teenage attitude, which causes several arguments between the two. Viewers get to dive further into the complicated mother-daughter relationship in season two.

Season one ended with a plot-twisting cliffhanger, which left fans on the edge of their seats. Season two picks up right where the previous season ends, as it follows Ginny dealing with a breakup with her boyfriend, complications with her best friends, and her mother’s important secret that could cause huge conflicts in the plot.

 Throughout this season, Ginny and Georgia pick up the pieces of their broken lives, new friends and enemies are made and love is found.

A crucial part of season two is the reveal of Ginny’s mental health struggles as she reaches out for help, as well as other characters who are suffering in silence. Viewers who feel similar to these characters find a sense of comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone. 

Senior Grace Wartmann of Eatontown believes integrating this as part of the show was vital because it allowed people to connect with the characters.

“Anyone could watch it, but especially those that struggle with themselves and just want to see that they aren’t alone,” Wartmann said.

History teacher Bill Clark admires the realistic portrayal of Ginny and Georgia’s candid relationship.

“The series showed the dynamic between daughter and mom and single-parenting in a modern-day setting,” Clark said.

Even with a compelling plotline, there are still some parts of the show that could have been executed better. Clark believes that one downside of the show was that there were too many cliches, which took away from the message the show was trying to get across.

“One of the only bad things was that it was kind of like a modern-day ‘Gilmore Girls’ take,” Clark said.

Season one received a ton of backlash due to the “cringe-worthy” scenes, such as Ginny’s ex-boyfriend’s tap dance, performed as a birthday gift for Ginny. Many fans thought this was out of touch with the real teenage experience. These scenes are still prevalent, yet season two does a better job at accurately displaying teenage relationships.

“I think, quality-wise, both [season one and two] are pretty equal. Obviously, there is bad acting in some scenes and some cringy scenes, but I think overall it really has a good storyline,” Wartmann said.

As Wartmann mentions, even with cringe-worthy scenes, “Ginny and Georgia” is a great watch that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

“I do truly believe that the story they are telling is really powerful and very important, especially to teenagers,” Wartmann stated. “Overall it really has a good storyline and I’d recommend it to anyone who just wants a good show to watch.”