Eliza Madore, Broadway’s youngest Matilda, from the stage to CHS



Sophomore Eliza Madore of Atlantic Highlands getting ready before her Broadway debut in Matilda at the Shubert Theater in New York City on Sept. 7, 2014.

Ori Rosmarin

Some might recognize CHS’s own Broadway Baby, Sophomore Eliza Madore of Atlantic Highlands, from her recent role as Sally Brown in the CHS production of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” However, Madore’s repertoire dates back to 2015 when she made her Broadway debut as Ivanka in “Once,” at just six years old. This role opened the door to becoming the youngest person ever to play the title role in “Matilda” on Broadway just two years later. 

At just eight years old, Madore was working part time as a Broadway actress while also attending school at Atlantic Highlands Elementary. She mentions how being in a working environment at such a young age made her more mature and helped her to develop a professional mindset and work ethic. 

“You have to have an understanding that you’re working. It definitely gave me a more professional outlook on my talent” Madore said. 

She recalls the auditioning process as a crazy, hectic experience spread across the course of eight auditions, each one hosting fewer and fewer potential Broadway stars. During the last audition, she was cast as one of the four Matildas out of approximately forty candidates. While it was definitely a stressful environment, Madore looks back fondly on the experience. 

“During the audition, the stakes were really high but they still made it fun for us,” Madore said, “It was never boring.”

CHS piqued Madore’s interest, not because of the courses offered, but because of the environment provided. 

“All the seniors at CHS told me that the school offered this community where everyone could pursue something artistic, something that they found comfort in,” Madore said. “I was really into the idea of having a community where everyone supports each other.” 

While Madore would jump at the opportunity to perform on a Broadway stage again, her first priority is pursuing her education and establishing a more stable career, away from acting. 

In the meantime, Madore actively strengthens her singing and acting skills in the CHS Drama Club’s productions. 

“Every production offers different people and different material. I have fun with everything I do, and that’s the most important thing. Whether it’s a Broadway or CHS show, I have fun no matter what.”