CHS opens up its doors to Class of 2019 hopefuls


Emma Wilenta and Daniel Mopsick

The halls of Communications were packed more tightly than usual this past Saturday, Oct. 4. The halls that normally house ambition and hard work were engulfed by uncertainty and excitement during the first information session of the year.

Information sessions give Monmouth County’s 8th graders and their parents an exclusive look behind the scenes of Communications High School. These presentations and tours are the first step for a student on their way to attending Communications.

“I want them to understand what the school is really about.” said junior Clay Paley, who helped to orchestrate the event.

Student volunteers play a large role in the information sessions, acting as tour guides for the groups visiting the school and as presenters for each of the individual subjects.

Speeches were made to the large crowd by CPrincipal James Gleason, MCVSD superintendent Timothy McCorkell and PSFA president Cathy Gilbert. They spoke to the parents and students about the opportunities that CHS offers and the doors it can open up for hard-working students.

“I want to show how much fun the school is and what a great place it is. I could not imagine going anywhere else,” said sophomore Karly Nolan who volunteered as a tour guide.

There are three additional upcoming information sessions: Thursday, Oct. 9, Wednesday, Oct. 22 and Saturday, Nov. 1.