Opinion: Thanksgiving reflections


Sarah Lynch

Thanksgiving is absolutely one of my favorite holidays. The family gets together to share some delicious food, without the pressure of gift-giving, and everyone settles down to do something that we often forget in the chaos of our lives: be thankful.

And yes, the day after Thanksgiving everyone scrambles to the mall the shop for hours, but hey, the holidays are only a month away. However, there is a key part of that sentence that America is beginning to disregard: “the day after Thanksgiving.”

Surely I am not the only one who sees the irony. On a day that is meant for being thankful for everything we have and appreciating our blessings, people will instead fill their shopping carts to the brim with new gadgets and clothing. It couldn’t wait one day?

Not to mention the fact that stores open on Thanksgiving keep their employees from spending the holiday with their families. I understand some places need to stay open on Thanksgiving, like hospitals, but getting that dress from Macy’s does not seem like a life or death situation to me.