Thompson Park trip canceled

Julia Pardee

For the past 15 years, CHS freshmen have visited Thompson Park during the first week of school to participate in icebreaking activities with their new classmates, but the Class of 2019 will not experience this tradition.

Over the loudspeaker on Sept. 9, Principal James Gleason announced the cancellation of this event due to poor weather conditions and hoped the event would be rescheduled.

“The weather forecasts just calls for thunderstorms, starting in the early morning and then going throughout the day,” Gleason said. “From a safety standpoint, even with the fields being wet and everything else, it’s just not going to be a good day to have freshman orientation.”

Although Gleason discussed possibly rescheduling dates with the Monmouth County Park System, the nearest open date would not be until the beginning of Oct. The Monmouth County Park System also had some staffing issues, Gleason said.

“I know it gets tough for them to have the personnel in place at the end of the summer, because all their summer [workers] typically are kids who are in college,” Gleason said.

Instead of Thompson Park day, the SGA plans to hold an alternative event on Sept. 15 during third and fourth periods on the Wall football field. The activity will hold similar activities to those at Thompson Park day, SGA President Lauryn Masciana said.

Junior Justin Boldt of Howell said Thompson Park was a pivotal part of his freshman year experience and is disappointed the event may not be postponed.

“I think [a cancellation] is pretty upsetting for the freshmen. Thompson Park was a great bonding day for our grade, and, to be deprived of that … it’s pretty sad,” Boldt said.

Freshman Kevin Clark of Spring Lake said he looked forward to Thompson Park Day and thinks the event is an important CHS tradition.

“I feel like we are never gonna have that ice breaker that all the other classes got to have in their freshman year. So yeah, it’s pretty upsetting,” Clark said.

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