Coffeehouse returns, with a shot of talent


BLOT PHOTO BY MEAGAN MCDOWELL Freshman Sydney Karlin of Matawan performs a piano rendition at the Class of 2017 fundraiser. Coffeehouse is an event annually and traditionally hosted by the juniors.

On Friday, Dec. 4, the Class of 2017 hosted the annual Coffeehouse to raise money for their grade.

Family members and students alike gathered in the cafeteria to see this year’s performances. Students who took the stage performed various acts, such as reading poetry, singing and dancing.

Freshman Sydney Karlin of Matawan performed a Korean song on the piano.

“I had never fully made it an actual piano arrangement that would be ready to perform, but when Coffeehouse was announced, I really wanted to do it, and so I did,” Karlin said.

Karlin said she was happy with her performance and would definitely return to the stage next year. Last year, the hosting class, the Class of 2016, raised $1,570, according to class adviser and history teacher Bill Clark. Junior class Co-President Elizabeth De Furia of Manalapan said that this year, the Class of 2017 raked in $1,400. This year, the hosting class also set up the cafeteria a little differently. The senior couches and donated beanbags and chairs were set up in front of the stage. Tables were dispersed throughout the seating area and free snacks were available in the back. In the past, the setup has been “very rigid,” De Furia said, as everyone was seated in rows. De Furia said that this year “it was all about making it look cute and more informal … in the true Coffeehouse aesthetic.”

De Furia also said that almost all of the profits made will go toward next year’s prom, which the Class of 2017 will organize. The money will primarily be used for the venue.

During the event, the attendees interacted with the hosts through the Twitter account @chscoffeehouse and the hashtag #chscoffeehouse2k15.

“I can honestly say that I’ve been here 16 years, and this [was] one of the best,” fitness teacher and Class of 2017 adviser Ginny Clevenger said.

Senior Olivia Keavey of Shrewsbury said she has always found Coffeehouse enjoyable.
“I think they’re always really good, because we have a really talented school,” Keavey said.

De Furia agreed.

“You can make it look really pretty, but in the end it really doesn’t matter,” De Furia said. ”It’s all the performers.”

Senior Anna Robinson of Ocean has performed at Coffeehouse every year.

“Coffeehouse has been the place I feel the most comfortable to express myself through my voice, ” Robinson said.