Winter Storm Jonas brings major snow

Dylan Josephson

Friday, Jan. 22, brought the first major snowfall of 2016. It also gave the first snow day of the school year. The reports on The Weather Channel’s website,, originally predicted that Monmouth County would receive 8 to 12 inches of snow. The actual snowfall ended up being in the 12-18 range according to

Due to the snow, school was closed on Monday, Jan. 25. CHS students spent the snow days shovelling, playing in the snow and relaxing.

Sophomore Katie Gibson of Wall said she enjoyed her day off.

“I went out exploring with my friends; we went to my neighborhoods dock on the Manasquan River, and we went to a hidden beach on the river,” Gibson said. “Afterwards, we got hot chocolate and walked home.”

Junior Alex Paredes of Atlantic Highlands still had things to do on the snow day, but she was able to relax later in the day, she said.

“As much as I would’ve loved to sleep in, I had to get up at 8:15 for gymnastics,” Paredes said. “When I got home I took a nap, made some brownies and hot chocolate and watched Friends until it was time for bed.”

Sophomore Jonathan Slovak of Spring Lake Heights said he had a nice day but also left time for school work.

“I spent my snow day relishing in my freedom – my freedom from school, work and stress,” Slovak said. “And then that night I stopped relishing and did homework for four hours.”

Because of the snow day, Friday, Feb. 12, which was a scheduled day off, is now back on the calendar.