Lights! Camera! Inkblot!

Julianne Sackett

Students of CHS have relied on The Inkblot to get their news for years, but this spring, The Inkblot will be broadcasting news from CHS’ very own TV studio.

Next month, the new InkTV crew will begin work, writing and filming their broadcast. The new show will air after editing and final revisions are complete. It plans to cover school events and broadcast the news of CHS.

Sophomore Courtney Kushnir of Colts Neck will be working on the new show this spring.

“There’s not a lot of information yet, but I’ll probably and hopefully be writing for the show, focused on school events,” Kushnir said.

Students will take on all technical jobs for the new show such as studio jobs like camera technician and audio. Positions like writing, anchoring and package reporting will also be filled by the students of CHS.

Senior Cayla Harris of Manalapan is the Co-EIC of InkTV and will supervise the first few runs to get the show on it’s feet.

“We’re still working out the details for the show’s rundown. Basically, the show will recap the past month at CHS,” Harris said.

InkTV will feature news packages surrounding CHS life and school announcements. Anchors for the show will be located in the TV studio. The TV control room will be the host of editing and technical matters while the show is being filmed.

For anyone who loves The Inkblot, or just wants their fix of CHS news, tune into InkTV this spring.