Morgan takes over for Wheeler as SGA adviser

Mrs. Morgan works with the SGA as their new advisor.

Cate Escueta

Mrs. Morgan works with the SGA as their new advisor.

Brigid Garrett

After serving for two years as Student Government Association (SGA) adviser, chemistry teacher Erin Wheeler stepped down from the position, and biology teacher Leah Morgan is stepping in.

The 2015-16 SGA council discovered Wheeler would no longer be advising the club at their end of the year meeting, said senior and SGA President Mark DiSpigna of Lincroft.

“Mrs. Wheeler sat the SGA down and broke the news to us all that she would not be joining us as our advisor next year, which left us emotional to say the least,” DiSpigna said. “Mrs. Wheeler always had the answers when the council faced tough situations and knew how to guide us toward making the best decisions for CHS.”

The role of the SGA adviser is to make sure the group is making reasonable decisions within budget, said newly elected council member and junior Jackie Geller of Manalapan. Although Geller was disappointed she would not get the chance to work with Wheeler on SGA, she believes that Morgan will be a good fit for the position.

“Eventually we heard that Ms.Morgan will be taking her place and we couldn’t be happier… I have no doubt she will be an outstanding adviser,” Geller said.

After serving as the adviser for the Class of 2015, Morgan said she looks forward to working closely with a new set of student leaders. But she said the most important part of advising is letting the students run the show.

DiSpigna and Vice President Julia Pardee and their council “work tirelessly to make CHS the best it can be. They are committed to working with all of the class councils and the students of CHS to make the 2016-17 school year the best one yet,” Morgan said.  

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