Madeira elected freshman class president


Cate Escueta

Students fill out their ballots to vote for who they want leading the class.

Mary Kate Cashman

Students of the class of 2020 elected freshman Emily Madeira as their class president in the class elections on Tuesday, Oct. 4. Colin Martin of Middletown was elected Vice President.

“I am really excited, and just really grateful to everybody that put the faith in me to elect me,” Madeira said.

Freshmen gathered in the cafeteria to listen to 10 candidates give speeches explaining to the class why they would be a good fit for class council. The class of 2020 then voted for five candidates each.

Madeira had the most votes and therefore won President. With the votes of her classmates behind her, Madeira said she will make sure the class sticks with its plans.

“As class president, I definitely want to make sure that we not only have the ideas, but we do have the means to follow through with them,” Madeira said.

Vaughn Battista of Tinton Falls, Ben Hewson of Fair Haven and Sawyer Barth of West Long Branch received the next highest votes and will complete complete the class council. Battista serve as Events Coordinator, Hewson will be Treasurer and Barth will be Secretary of the freshman class.

Freshman class adviser Kathryn Diver has faith in the newly elected council.

“I think the new council will work very hard together to communicate the needs of the freshman class and they’ll do wonderful,” Diver said.