Freshmen win dodgeball, tie for Spirit Week with Seniors


Audrey Mannion

Freshman Heather Griffin of Manasquan played for the winning team in the Dodgeball Competition.

Colin Martin

The freshmen and the senior classes tied in the final results of Spirit Week, announced on Nov. 4. A tie-breaker is scheduled for Wednesday, but the final day of Spirit Week ended with the high school stereotypes theme and the Dodgeball Competition.

The theme for the day procured a lot of varying costumes. Including: nerds, jocks, goths, preps and more. For the Dodgeball Competition, each grade sent a team of six players — three girls and three boys — to compete for their class. The freshmen won the event, followed by the sophomores, seniors and juniors, respectively.

This left only the results of possibly the most crucial competition, Penny Wars, to be announced. The freshmen won this event, as well.

The final result of Spirit Week was an unprecedented 280-280 point tie between the freshmen and the seniors, which triggered a special three-part tiebreaker event set for Wednesday after midterms.

Freshman Katherine Lombardi of Middletown was very involved in helping her class throughout the week, and was surprised at the tie.

“I think this came as a total shock to everyone, and while I wasn’t expecting to even place out of last, it’s been a fun week and I can’t wait to see how Wednesday goes,” Lombardi said.

Meanwhile, senior Luke Brown of Manasquan had a different reaction.

“I’m mad. It shouldn’t come down to this. But it was a fair week, seniors slacked on penny wars, but it’s okay. I know we will come out on top,” Brown said.