Student experiences with the same teachers for multiple years


Audrey Mannion

Justine Lane, math teacher, is one of the members of the CHS faculty that teach the same students year after year.

Emma Hecht

With 320 students and 31 faculty members, CHS students are bound to have the same teacher several years in a row.

Senior Tony Moore of Howell said throughout his four years, he had multiple classes with history teacher Sharyn O’Keefe, English teacher Kelly Lang, TV teacher Jennifer Cornine, radio teacher Bill Bengle and digital video teacher David Salowe.

“In some cases, I like having the same teachers because I’m already familiar with their teaching style and don’t have to make adjustments, but in other cases, I like having a fresh start with completely new teachers if I wasn’t particularly happy with a class the first time around,” Moore said.

Junior Katie Gibson of Wall agreed. She said that having the same teacher eliminates the first week jitters, since she has already adapted to their methods of teaching.

“I like when I get the same teachers multiple years in a row because you know their teaching style and what to expect on exams, making it easier to study and prepare,”  Gibson said.

Junior Veronica Yaron of Little Silver agreed.

“There is no reintroducing. The teachers are used to your personality and you’re used to theirs, which I feel simplifies the whole learning process,” Yaron said.

Unlike Yaron, freshman Heather Griffin of Wall said she wants to start fresh with all new teachers in future years.

“Although I love all my teachers now, I like change and would rather get to know new teachers every year as I take new classes every year. This way, I will not get bored of too much of the same thing,” Griffin said.

Like many students, O’Keefe said she enjoys having students multiple years in a row.

“It runs very smoothly because they know how my class is run. There really aren’t any surprises so it gives the students a chance to get used to my style of teaching,” O’Keefe said.