Drama club starts new musical for Spring


Catherine Escueta

Senior Annie Ruoff of of Mounmouth Beach will direct this year’s musical.

Isabella Antoon

The Drama Club will be offering something new to its members this spring: a musical. After years of plays directed and produced by the students at CHS, the current council, led by seniors Annie Ruoff of Monmouth Beach and Rebecca Cleffi of Manasquan, have decided to showcase the talented voices at CHS.

We chose to do a musical this year because CHS has so much untapped potential in musical theater that we have never gotten the opportunity to explore before, and we agreed with enough planning this would be the perfect year to do it,” said Ruoff, the director and Drama Club President.

Producer of the show Rebecca Cleffi noted there may be new challenges that Drama Club will have to face due to the unique nature of the production compared to ones in the past, but is sure it is nothing the club cannot handle.

“Our biggest problem will most likely be the dancing aspect of the show, but Annie and I have put a lot of time and effort into choosing a show that would fit well with our cast,” Cleffi said.

To troubleshoot as early as possible, preparation for the show began as early as June, Ruoff said, although the show isn’t until May 5 and 6.

“I expect that with the great team I am working with this year we are going to have a very successful show,” Ruoff said.