CHS teachers share their love stories

School nurse Dorothy Condon married her husband 35 years ago.

Courtesy of Dorothy Condon

School nurse Dorothy Condon married her husband 35 years ago.

Jacqueline Geller

Whether it is the relationship of Monica Geller and Chandler Bing from “Friends” or Barack and Michelle Obama, love stories can be found anywhere. The teachers of CHS have some of their own.

Biology teacher Jeanine Gomez has known her husband since she was in elementary school. They attended the same school, and their older sisters happened to be best friends. Their first date was in Point Pleasant.

They dated a little over five years before getting engaged. Gomez said she still appreciates how her husband is always there for her.

“When I need to be grounded, he’s the one there to do it. All the time. And vise versa. We compliment each other well,” Gomez said.

School nurse Dorothy Condon has been with her spouse for 35 years.

“It was like chemistry just clicked. Right from the get-go, we started dating and we were almost inseparable,” Condon said.

She started dating her husband when she was a junior in high school. They both attended St. Rose High School in Belmar and were part of the same friend group. The couple finished high school, went to college and got engaged during the spring break of their senior year of college. They have been together ever since.

Condon said that students should know that dating requires compromise and respect. They should also not expect an easy road all the time.

“Every relationship is going to have conflict. Everything’s not roses everyday. It’s how you solve conflict is whether or not your relationship will be successful,” Condon said.

Mass media teacher Andi Mulshine, like Gomez, dated her husband for five years before getting married. But Mulshine says she fell for him the first time she saw her husband.

“One day I was working in the newsroom and someone said that the new city editor was coming. The door opened and he walked in. It was like an arrow through my heart,” Mulshine said.  “You don’t think love at first sight works? It does.”