CHS students, faculty and more participate in blood drive


Kate Ridoux

Junior Brandon Kalika of Middletown donated blood on Tuesday.

The CHS National Honor Society ran the annual blood drive yesterday, Tuesday, Feb. 28. Students, teachers, faculty members and family members donated their blood for a good cause.

The event was held in collaboration with Central Jersey Blood Center, which has locations in Howell, Shrewsbury and Toms River.

Donors had to weigh 120 pounds or more, be at least 16 years old, be healthy and have a sufficient iron level. For students they needed to be a junior or senior, have a signed parental consent form and their photo id.

Math teacher and NHS adviser Justine Lane organized the blood drive. Lane said that 50 people were able to donate blood this year and that more signed up to donate, but some could not because of things like iron deficiencies and difficulty in finding a vein.

Junior Brigid Garrett of Wall said that she was apprehensive to donate at first.

“At first I was really excited and felt really great, then got a little nauseous and dizzy and tired,” Garrett said.

Junior Sarah Antaki of Howell was a first time donor and she said she would donate again.

“I was much more inclined to donate for the first time alongside my peers,” Antaki said. “I think that is what’ll compel me to do it again.”

When they were done giving their blood, donors went to the wellness room for rest, food and drinks.

Junior Brandon Kalika of Middletown, also a first time donor, credits his good experience to the workers of the blood drive.

“I really liked the guy who took my blood, shoutout to Gregory for making me feel better when I was really nervous,” Kalika said.

Kalika also really enjoyed the wellness room because of all the free food.

“After the process was over I went to the wellness room and ate everything I saw because I was so hungry,” Kalika said. “It was a great day.”