Yearbook class show talents in CHS yearbooks

InDesign (logo pictured above) and Illustrator are two programs students use to create the CHS yearbook.

InDesign (logo pictured above) and Illustrator are two programs students use to create the CHS yearbook.

Dylan Josephson

The distribution of yearbooks marks the end of another school year at CHS, but it also represents the culmination of the efforts of the yearbook elective offered to juniors and senior.

Junior Grace Maloney of Middletown said she decided to take the course because she wanted to put the skills she learned in past years to use.

“I wanted to know more about using InDesign and Illustrator, and I thought it would be fun to actually create the yearbook,” Maloney said.

Technology teacher Maryanne Rodriguez said she has been in charge of the project for at least 10 years. Rodriguez splits up the work between two yearbook classes in the first and second semester. The first semester class establishes the theme while the second semester class edits and finishes the yearbook.

Maloney said her first semester yearbook class played an important role in the making of the yearbook.

“My class designed the cover, made a general theme and color palette, started to create the pages for events as well as background pages and decided some of the content that would be included,” Maloney said.

All the completed work gets put onto page templates on the Jostens website, which then prints the entire yearbook. Rodriguez said that although students are responsible for all of the yearbook, she works on it as well.

“Kids submit pages to me to be reviewed, and I make final edits,” Rodriguez said. “I am also the only one with access to the Jostens account, so everything has to go through me.”

Making the yearbook does have its difficulties. Maloney said that picking the theme was a challenge.

“The hardest part of the process was thinking of a theme and idea to begin with because it wasn’t easy to compromise on our ideas and decide on one theme that would please the entire student body,” Maloney said.

The second semester yearbook class is preparing the yearbook to be sent to print, which will allow for distribution at the end of the school year in June.