Spirit Week kicks off with Fancy Day and Scarecrow Contest


Blot photo by Marissa Ho.

Katherine Lombardi

Fall Spirit Week began today, opening up with Fancy Day and the lunchtime event of Punny Scarecrow Decorating.

Students came to school dressed in their fanciest attire, such as button downs, ties and heels. Seniors had 100% participation, while sophomores had 97% and freshman and juniors had 95%.

During the first half of lunch, each grade assembled their own scarecrow in the cafeteria. Each scarecrow had to be original and include some sort of pun. Scarecrows were judged based off creativity, the quality of the pun, and overall appearance. The juniors came in first place, with their David Bowie-themed scarecrow. Seniors, sophomores, and freshmen, came in second, third, and fourth place, respectively.

“I’m disappointed our scarecrow didn’t win because we worked really hard on ours,” said sophomore Liam Jamolod from Howell. “But the other classes did have good themes.”

The beginning of Spirit Week also brought the start of daily competitions Penny Wars and Scavenger Hunt. The junior class came in first for Scavenger Hunt, followed by the seniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

This is the first Spirit Week for freshman Brandon Finnegan of Millstone, who said he is enjoying it so far.

“It’s pretty good,” he said. “I like dressing all dapper.”

Currently, juniors are in the lead with 55 points. The senior class is in second with 50 points, the sophomores are in third with 37 points and the freshmen are in fourth with 25 points.

Spirit Week continues tomorrow with the Halloween costume contest.