Stickers offer students self expression


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The sticker trend has recently expanded and can be found on, not only cars, but the faces of laptops, too.

Izzy Erskine

Over the years, bumper stickers have become a recognizable part of the way people express themselves on the road. The sticker trend has recently expanded and can be found on, not only cars, but the faces of laptops, too.

Sophomore Mary Eknoian of Wall started to collect stickers last year when she got a laptop for her birthday.

“I thought it would be cool to decorate it with stickers rather than a typical case,” Eknoian said.

Ebbie Shim, a senior from Spring Lake Heights, began to collect stickers to cover her bike helmet when she was in middle school. When she got a laptop, she covered her case with stickers. Shim said she gets her stickers wherever she can find them.

Sometimes I buy one that I see in a store and really like, or I get a sticker from someone else, like the ‘I Voted’ stickers I got from my parents,” Shim said. “I also have some stickers that I had to use for entrance to a place like a museum and I put them on my case as soon as I get home.”

Both girls have different purposes to collecting stickers. Eknoian said she cares more about the quality of the stickers rather than quantity, while Shim tries to collect as many as possible. However, Shim has gotten to the point where there is almost no room left on her laptop.

It’s getting pretty gross and broken and I might have to replace it soon but I keep stalling because I don’t want to get rid of my case and the stickers,” Shim said  

Laptops are not the only place students at CHS put their stickers. Freshman Ethan Hecht of Wall collects stickers to decorate his snowboard.

“I collect stickers to remember all the places I have gone,” Hecht said.

Ravenna Gemignani, a freshman from Oceanport, has another unique place where she puts her stickers. She decorates her desk and door with stickers she creates herself using sticker paper. Some of the designs she has made include Mr. Meeseeks from the animated series “Rick and Morty,” colorful monsters and Flexy, a character of her own.

The sticker collecting trend seems to be very popular among the students at CHS, whether it is by decorating laptops or snowboards, stickers is a great way to express one’s personality and interests.