Organization habits vary among peers


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Some students take pride in their organizational skills, while others are content with their untidy surroundings.

Sally Ehlers

As Senior Rachel Wolson of Bradley Beach sits down for class, she flips through her binder and the array of dividers keeping all of the sections separate.

Some students use planners while others swear by binders. Others take pride in having a neat bedroom, but some are simply content with their untidy surroundings.

Freshman Olivia Conkling of Marlboro considers herself organized, especially in regard to her schoolwork.

“Although my room is really messy, I keep a planner, so I keep organized in my schoolwork,” Conkling said.

Wolson deems herself tidy as well, both in school and at home. Wolson admits that she gets sloppy occasionally on busy days, but she tries to stay organized as much as possible.

“For school I have binders for all of my different classes and I have dividers that keep all of the different sections for each class really organized,” Wolson said. “At home all of my clothes in my closet are organized by what they are – long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, dresses … and I always make sure that my room is super clean and if something is not in the right spot I’ve got to fix it.”

Freshman Anabell Mazzan of Fair Haven, wishes that she was organized, but has yet to triumph.

“It gets hard to keep track of everything,” Mazzan said. “I’ve tried to be organized many times, but those have been fails.”

Sophomore Sidney Washington of Asbury Park takes pride in her untidy lifestyle because she finds that it is easier to be unorganized.

“Most of the time I don’t stay organized because I do better with all my stuff messy everywhere because I know where it’s at and I can find it easier than putting it on a shelf or in a bin,” Washington said.

Along with Washington, sophomore Serena Khan of Union Beach remains unorganized.

“You should see my locker. It looks like an avalanche of just papers and books,” Khan said.