Spring Spirit Week continues with Pajama Day and Minute to Win It


Marissa Ho

The Class of 2020 watches as sophomore Dane Tedder of Ocean participates in the final challenge of Minute to Win It.

Jordan Durkin

Spring Spirit Week continued on Tuesday, Apr. 17 with the return of Pajama Day and Minute To Win It.

For Pajama Day, students and teachers came to school in pajamas or sweatpants. Aside from the basics, some added accessories like robes, stuffed animals or sleeping masks. Each grade received full participation points for the day.

Students gathered in the back of the cafeteria during lunch to watch today’s event, Minute to Win It. Each class formed a team of six to complete a series of tasks in order. If a team member messed up, they would have to restart that challenge.

Unlike Fall Spirit Week, some tasks required pairs of students. In one challenge, two students untangled a rope tied to themselves and a hula hoop.

The seniors came out on top during the event, with the freshmen in second, the juniors in third and the sophomores in fourth.

Sophomore Emily Toro of Manalapan competed in Minute to Win It and was proud of her team, even though they lost.

“The tasks were all super challenging and I’m proud of my team for getting onto the last one,” said Toro. “We worked really hard, even if we didn’t win in the end.”

Sophomore Heather Griffin of Wall said she enjoyed the theme and lunchtime event.

“Pajama day is easily my favorite theme,” said Griffin. “I also really enjoy Minute To Win It because you never know which grade will come out on top.”

Currently, the freshmen and seniors are tied for first place with 50 points. The sophomores are in second place with 45 points and the juniors are in third with 35 points.