Students discuss missing school for vacation

Ainsley Vetter

Sophomore Grace Quakenbush of Wall sat on a beautiful beach looking up at a gorgeous sunset. Despite the amazing view, she couldn’t help but think about the days of midterms that would be waiting for her when she came back to CHS.

Vacations can serve as a time to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. As a student, however, going on vacation might not be as relaxing as it seems when the missed schoolwork rolls in.

Senior Rachel Wolson of Bradley Beach missed school for vacation. Wolson went on vacation to Vail, Colo. and Disney World in Orlando, Fla. during her junior year.

“Most of my teachers were really good about making up the work and I did a lot of it that I had to do on the flights down to wherever I was going on vacation. If there was anything I didn’t get to, I just went during lunch when I came back and most of the teachers were really understanding about it and it wasn’t a problem at all,” Wolson said.

Students who miss midterms or finals must stay after school to makeup their exams. Sophomore Grace Quakenbush of Wall missed her midterm exams when she went on vacation to Mexico.

“It wasn’t hard or difficult because I was kind of looking over my notes as I was on the plane. It was more of just an inconvenience, especially since they wouldn’t let me take them before I left,” Quakenbush said. “I had to stay after a couple hours each day. I would take a midterm each day, so I had to stay after four days that week.”