Students start skateboarding for convenience and for leisure

Michael Rau

Skateboarding isn’t the most popular sport at CHS, but the ones who do skateboard do it for many reasons.

Sophomore Ben Hewson of Fair Haven taught himself how to skateboard. He said that he received a plastic skateboard, otherwise known as a Penny Skateboard, about five years ago for Christmas.

He skateboards “not very often at all,” but when he does, he usually goes around his block just for fun. He skateboarded much more when he was younger than he does now.

“I was able to do tricks, but I don’t think I can now,” Hewson said.

Sophomore Alessia Lubrano of Colts Neck started skateboarding at 12 years-old. She was inspired by a family member to start skateboarding.

“My brother skateboarded on the boardwalk and I started skateboarding too,” Lubrano said.

Like Hewson, Lubrano taught herself how to skateboard and she uses her skateboard almost every day to get the mail. She even skateboards around her neighborhood just for fun.

Junior Kevin Clark of Spring Lake was inspired to start skateboarding by the video games that he played.

“I used to play the Tony Hawk games for the XBOX, and I thought it was really cool, so I decided to give it a shot,” Clark said.

He taught himself through YouTube videos around the age of 9. He uses it as a means of transportation around Spring Lake.

“[I skateboard] mostly in the summer, just so I don’t have to go through the hassle of having a bike or something like that,” Clark said.