Color Wars 2018 in Photos

Marissa Ho and Will Carragher

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  • Color Wars took place on Friday, June 1. Ten teams of different colors dressed up and competed in activities throughout the day. The event kicked off in the cafeteria with team chants.

  • Senior and Pink Team captain Brigid Garrett of Wall leads the Pink Panthers in their chant. The Pink Team placed first in the event.

    Alyssa Rasp

  • Sophomores and juniors from the Green Team chant with signs. The Green Team, also called The Swamp, placed third in team chants.

  • As a way to incorporate their team name of “Hot Wheels,” Orange Team adviser and chemistry teacher Erin Wheeler rides a miniature car at the end of the team chant.

    Alyssa Rasp

  • The Purple Team, rebranded as Ultraviolet, performs their chant to the tune of the Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic.”

    Jamie Nickerson

  • After chants, the teams went outside for the tug of war competition. The Blue Team won the event, followed by the Red Team in second and the Yellow Team in third.

  • Black Team captain and senior Marcos Guevara of Cliffwood loops the end of the rope around his waist to anchor his teammates. The Black Team, known as the Biker Gang, placed fourth in tug of war.

    Alyssa Rasp

  • Pink Team captain and senior Veronica Yaron of Little Silver celebrates by eating a baguette.

  • After tug of war, students headed back inside for a buffet-style barbecue sponsored by the PSFA.

    Alyssa Rasp

  • Sporting activities began after lunch. Junior Mason Grigo of Millstone prepares to serve for the Blue Team during volleyball.

  • Pink Team captain and senior Izzy Cavazzoni of Wall and junior Erica Sammarco of Colts Neck high five after a victory in soccer. The Pink Team placed third overall in the event.

    Emily McNeill

  • The Black Team celebrates after winning a game against the Purple Team in soccer.

    Alyssa Rasp

  • The theme for this year’s art challenge required students to include one of their team members in their art. The Purple Team won the event, with the Black Team in second and the Red Team in third.

    Leigh Lustig

  • Red Team captain and senior Emmy Macri of Freehold poses as an explorer swinging over a lava pit during the art challenge.

  • For this year’s teacher event, faculty advisers directed one of their blindfolded team captains to a bag with their team color. The White Team came in first place, the Pink Team in second place and the Orange Team in third.

    Alyssa Rasp

  • Junior and 2017-2018 SGA Vice President Connor Martin of Spring Lake Heights announces the rules for the pie-eating event. This year’s pie-eating contest was also a team challenge, where team members had to go through a hula hoop before a team captain was able to eat their pie.

    Jamie Nickerson

  • Green Team captain and senior Jonathan Slovak of Spring Lake Heights hugs his fellow Green Team captain and senior Matt Avena of Middletown after Avena wins the pie-eating competition against the Red Team.

  • Junior Liam Marshall of Sea Girt cheers on Orange Team captain and senior Megan Stanislowski of Wall as she represents her team during the pie-eating competition.

    Jamie Nickerson

  • The Class of 2018 poses for a group picture during their last ever Color Wars.

  • Color Wars concluded with the Pink Team coming in first place, the Purple Team in second place and the White Team in third.

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