Seniors certified after years of career technical education

Desiree Negrin

After four years of vocational education in CHS, the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) tested the Class of 2018 on May 22. Seniors with a passing score will earn communications workforce competency credentials from NOCTI and receive certificates validated by the New Jersey Department of Education.

NOCTI is a national organization that supplements career technical education with certifications and college credit recommendations. The International Certification Accreditation Council backs the credentials of their tests. NOCTI’s goal is to assemble an educated workforce that meets requirements and standards in career fields, according to

Principal James Gleason said that CHS was eligible for NOCTI testing because of the school’s career technical education program. He said that NOCTI certifications of students’ developed technical skills will support them in their professional careers.

“An industry certificate provided by the state department will benefit students in the future,” Gleason said.

But not all students felt the same about the NOCTI assessments. Senior Kyle Galvin of Middletown completed the Audio/Visual Communications assessment, selected based on his elective track, and said that he felt it was of no use. Galvin said that his test was unrewarding and included content that was not taught in his classes.

“Some questions related to courses like TV and radio but many of the questions were on material that we didn’t learn here,” Galvin said.

But, Senior Kyra Lally of Freehold also completed the Audio/Visual Communications assessment and said that she thinks the assessments are beneficial to certain students.

“NOCTI assessments are worthwhile if you want certification for a vocation,” Lally said.