Freshman Thompson Park trip shines through rainy forecast


Katherine Lombardi

The Class of 2022 bonded through a variety of games and activities on Friday.

Bella Reilly

The CHS Class of 2022 got to know each other on the annual Thompson Park trip in Lincroft on Friday Sept 7.

The freshmen played a variety of games throughout the day organized by the SGA to help the new class meet their peers and form friendships. Junior and SGA council member Dane Tedder of Ocean helped plan the day along with other members of the club.

“We scheduled out a number of potential activities beforehand,” Tedder said. “We tried to pick the best games to help the freshman class make new friends.”

Freshman Emma Belletier of Avon said that there were many icebreakers that helped the classmates learn more about each other.

“We played a lot of different games, some were where we asked each other questions about where we were from and things like that,” Belletier said. “We also did a lot of challenging teamwork tasks that I’ve never heard of before.”

The day was almost rescheduled because of the weather, but the skies cleared in time for the trip. Overall, it seemed as though the freshman were pleased with the outcome of the day.

“I was expecting it to be more awkward then it was,” Belletier said. “It was a good day and I met a lot of people.”

Tedder believes that this class has great potential at CHS.

“There is one thing I know for sure: this class is definitely a group that will uphold the amazing legacy of CHS, and possibly even forge one of their own,” Tedder said.