CHS students have leg up in recruitment process


Courtesy of Kiera Gill

Senior Kiera Gill of Wall has played varsity field hockey for her home school since her freshman year.

Erica Sammarco

For athletes looking to continue their athletic careers after high school, the college application process has added pressures that start as early as freshman year.

Senior Kiera Gill of Wall, a field hockey player, said she started her recruitment process freshman year using the website SportsRecruits.

“I was able to upload academic, athletic and any other information I wanted coaches to know,” Gill said. “I would get notifications whenever a coach viewed my profile, transcript or skills video.”

Coaches can also contact the athletes by email via SportsRecruits, and athletes like Gill can reach out to schools that they are interested in.

“I have received phone calls from some coaches as well, but emailing is definitely more common,” Gill said.  

Since recruitment is facilitated by programs like SportsRecruits as well as club teams, Gill said she does not find that the lack of sports at CHS inhibits her chances at athletic recruitment.

Year-round runner and senior Colleen Megerle of Colts Neck said that attending CHS can even work to her advantage.

“I always just include that information in emails to coaches so they know that I had to test to get into the school I attend, which looks good on the academic side of things,” Megerle said.

Junior Ben Hewson of Fair Haven who swims for Central Jersey Aquatic Club, also said that he finds attending CHS likely helps with his athletic recruitment.

“Because CHS is a vocational school, it already puts me in a position which shows that I’m not just an average high school swimmer,” Hewson said.

But finding a college that matched his athletic ability was still the most important factor in recruitment for senior Ron Cole of Neptune City, who has verbally committed to play baseball at the University of Kentucky.

“The best way to know where you fall is to compare yourself to players who are being recruited to see what coaches are looking for in your sport, and be honest with yourself,” Cole said.

No matter your ability, Hewson said that you should always work hard and stay positive.

“No matter what sport, maintaining a positive mindset while improving yourself on the field… is something that all colleges look for,” Hewson said.