YouTube stars overly compensated for lifestyles

Creative Commons Photo Courtesy of YouTube

YouTubers use their personalities to make a living off the platform.

Eliane Tapia

YouTube is one of the largest entertainment media platforms, with billions of videos uploaded each day about topics ranging from gaming to conspiracy theories to daily vlogs. But the biggest YouTube stars have one thing in common: their over-the-top lifestyles.

A YouTuber makes approximately 10,000 dollars per 100,000 views from advertisements and big company sponsorships, according to Penna Powers. Most well-known YouTubers receive views ranging from 100,000 to a million for a single video, so their net worths skyrocket with each new upload.

According to CBS News, some of the most well-paid YouTube stars, including vlogger Jake Paul and video game commentator PewDiePie, earn annual salaries ranging from $15 to $22 million from their videos alone.

Some of the highest-paying conventional professions like law and medicine don’t rival the salaries social media influencers make, yet they require much more work, education and costs overall. In order to practice law, for example, an person needs higher than 3.5 GPA in high school and a college degree, but also need three years of law school and a passing score on the Bar Exam, according to Chron. Meanwhile, all a professional Youtuber needs is a camera and a personality.

On top of this, many influencers run businesses in addition to their YouTube careers, like makeup artist and entrepreneur Jeffree Star. Along with posting beauty tutorials, Star launched his own cosmetics company in 2016 and now earns $150 million per year, according to Cosmopolitan.

Since their salaries depend on the number of views per video, YouTubers often have to expend more effort to create high-quality content that appeals to their audience. In order to make quality content, YouTubers give themselves the luxury of expensive equipment, as well as spending a lot of money in order to make their ideas come to life.

This is why YouTubers live unrealistic lifestyles: the need to be interesting to their viewers.

Many YouTube stars live lives that many can only dream of. But although this lifestyle comes with hard work, much of it is overly compensated compared to the reward people in other professions make by sacrificing much more.