Class of 2020 blasts off to second Spring Spirit Week win


Alyssa Rasp

Junior Mary Eknoian of Wall performs during the class of 2020’s space themed lipsync.

Allie Beekman and Bella Reilly

After a nearly 3 hour spirit week event on Thurs., April 18, the SGA announced the juniors won their second Spring Spirit Week in a row with 566 points.

The juniors were followed by the seniors with 468 points, the freshmen with 393 points, and the sophomores with 337 points.

Senior and SGA Vice President Emma Hecht said the SGA made Thursday the “ultimate Spirit Week day” to fit the same events in as they would in normal Spring Spirit Weeks.

Junior Mary Eknoian of Wall said she prefers the five day Spirit Week.

“I like having to find out who won at Mr. CHS and not having to go home and study afterwards,” Eknoian said.

The freshmen jumped ahead of the sophomores due to wins in all three of Thursday’s events: scavenger hunt, Balloon Pop, and lipsync, which earned the class of 2022 a total of 130 points.

Freshman Drew Lepping of West Long Branch said the freshmen are glad they didn’t place last.

“My class and I worked really hard on the lipsync and I’m so proud of everyone working together on all of these events and not coming in last,” Lepping said. “The balloon pop people did awesome and the scavenger hunt people were outstanding, I have no idea how they pulled that off. I’m really proud of all of us working together and doing what we did.”

Eknoian said she was glad to see the freshmen win events on Thursday.

“I remember how good it felt to win events my freshman year so it was cool to see how proud they were to defeat the upperclassmen,” Eknoian said.

Hecht is proud of the senior class and everything they have put into all eight Spirit Weeks.

“Honestly, I’m content with getting second place,” Hecht said. “We tried our best but Will Carragher is just too good for all of us.”