E-cigs cloud judgment


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JUUL has been a popular brand of vape, especially for teens. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Emily Toro

Originally used by ancient Egyptians to cleanse the mind and soul, vaping has now become a substitution to traditional smoking.

According to Vaping Daily, contemporary vaping devices date back to 1963, when Herbert Gilbert invented the first smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. In the 2000s, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the first e-cigarette after his father died of lung cancer.

In a study conducted at Harvard University, more than 80 percent of participants given e-cigarettes to help quit smoking continued to smoke a year later.

In a former Harvard study, researchers predicted the future risks of vaping on teenagers’ health.

There are concerns that teenagers who become addicted to nicotine by vaping may be more likely to smoke cigarettes as adults or try other addictive drugs such as opiates,” Dr. Robert H. Shmerling said.

Junior Grace Quakenbush said she believes the purpose of products like e-cigarettes is still evolving.

“I don’t think [vaping] is a useful tool to quit smoking because most vapes still contain nicotine, so people just get addicted to vaping,” Quakenbush said.

A recent study conducted by The Schroeder Institute found that 6 percent of youths and 10 percent of young adults reported that they had recently “Juuled.”

Although companies like JUUL often advertise e-cigarettes as a healthier replacement for cigarettes, they have now switched their target audience from recovering addicts to teenagers. Last year, the FDA gave JUUL labs 60 days to rebrand from selling to minors or else they would have been shut down.

The convenience of Juuls also allow teenagers to bring the smoking devices to school and parties as well. The addictive nicotine even leaves teenagers wanting more.

Aside from vaping mango flavoring found in JUULpods, people have turned to vaping for health purposes. For instance, Vitamin Vape is a nicotine-free vaporizer that allows its users to inhale vitamin B12. The product contains more B12 than pills or shots.

The similarities between the effects of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes makes it difficult to classify vaping a safe alternative to smoking.