Class of 2023 breaks Thompson Park trip tradition


Blot photo by Jordan Durkin

Freshman Ethan Driver of Freehold, left, and Tommy Mazza, right, of Wall play a game of capture the flag at the relocated Thompson Park trip.

Jordan Durkin

While inclement weather prevented the Class of 2023 from continuing the annual tradition of visiting Thompson Park on Sept. 6, they nonetheless carried on the custom of growing closer with classmates as they began their four years at CHS.

Before leaving for the trip at GoodSportsUSA in Wall, students were randomly split up  into groups with colored wristbands. SGA (Student Government Association) members and class presidents also attended to lead the groups in team-building activities.

The event was organized by the SGA and Monmouth County Park System Officials. Both groups had a variety of different activities for the students to participate in, ranging from games like “Steal the Bacon” to the widely known “Wham Sam Sam”. Junior Class President Isabella Carmona-Ramirez of Long Branch described her role in the event.

“My partner, Brigid McCarthy, and I helped lead the freshmen in numerous activities,” Carmona-Ramirez said. “The goal was to break the ice and have them not only get to know each other, but get to know us as well.”

SGA President and senior Liam Jamolod of Howell explained the slight changes the SGA made for this year’s trip.

“The SGA didn’t make many changes to improve the trip other than change up some questions we ask during activities,” Jamolod said. “We decided collectively that some questions are repeated too much and become a bit bothersome to the new students.”

He continued to explain that they removed the question “Why did you come to CHS?” and added more adventurous and random questions. Their goal was for the freshmen to become more aware of who their classmates really are and be able to find similarities within themselves and their new peers.

Freshman Marina Berger of Marlboro spoke highly of the event. 

“It’s a new environment with new people, and we’re going to be together for the next four years,” Berger said. “I’m glad we had this great opportunity to get to know each other.”