Second take on first impressions


Blot graphic by Lauren Tarigo

To get their child through the school year, some parents are forced to rely on donations from classmates and teachers.

Sally Ehlers

In hopes of making a good first impression, senior Tess Rempel of Spring Lake sports a semi-dressy jean skirt and tank top on the first day of school. 

“I normally do it just because it’s sort of a special occasion in the sense that it’s a new beginning,” Rempel said. “It’s also always nice to make a good impression given the opportunity.”

The first day of school proves to be a fresh start for many, with new classes, new teachers and even new supplies. 

But, although students have new classes and teachers during second semester as well, the first day of the third marking period is not met with the same enthusiasm and effort. 

In fact, Rempel explained that she does not care as much about her appearance on the first day of second semester in comparison to her “new beginning” in September because it does not truly feel like a beginning.

“For the second semester, it’s more so preparing for the beginning of the end than just a beginning itself,” Rempel said.

Clothes are not the only aspect that changes from first to second semester, as students prepare for their new classes differently.

Senior Jamie Nickerson of Tinton Falls makes an effort to buy all of her supplies and pack her bag in advance , so that it is ready prior to the first day of school. She also practices waking up early a few days before school starts. But for Nickerson, the first day of the second semester does not require the same amount of effort.

“Second semester is different because it’s in the middle of the school year,” Nickerson said. “Again, I make sure I have everything I need, but there’s no big changes I usually make in between semesters.”

Students notice changes in classroom ambiance as well.

“I feel that both students and teachers are more relaxed in the second semester because we’re in the school groove and towards the end it’s almost summer,” Nickerson said.

Senior Ainsley Vetter of Wall agreed with Nickerson. Although Vetter tries equally in her classes for both semesters, she said she has noticed a lack in effort in other students.

“A lot of people lose focus second semester and start joking around,” Vetter said.

First and second semester start with different mindsets which in turn results in a different classroom experience for students.