The Inkblot

“It’s a piece that I made to get more comfortable with and explore painting”
- Sanka Tholka Mudalige of Neptune


November 22, 2023

By Sanka Mudalidge Media Used:Acrylic paint Time to Complete:10 hours Interesting Fact:“I made this piece during RISD Pre-College over the summer.”

“I was scrolling through a bunch of reference pictures and just really loved how fun and detailed the one I chose was.
This was one of my first ever oil pastel pieces but I love the way it turned out and I had so much fun making it!”

- Junior Bridget Ruane of Middletown


August 20, 2023

Untitled Artist: Bridget Ruane Media Used: Oil Pastel Time to Complete: 2 Hours Interesting Fact:“The reference picture was randomly selected on Pinterest.”  

The Artists Block:Blu Gaines

The Artist’s Block:Blu Gaines

March 31, 2023

Name of Piece: "The Movement" Artist's Name:Blu Gaines "The Movement’ is digital photography that was then scanned and then layered within photoshop.”- Blu Gaines of Shrewsbury Media Used:Procreate Time...

Artist Block: Cara Hsu

Artist Block: Cara Hsu

Cara Hsu January 20, 2023

Name of Piece: “T-Rex, a Human’s Eye” Artist: Cara Hsu “This is the latest in my “dinosaur” series inspired by James Gurney, who might be the best artist I’ve ever seen. He wrote and...

The Artist’s Block: Molly Arcara

The Artist’s Block: Molly Arcara

Molly Arcara November 24, 2022

Name of Piece: “Winter” Artist: Molly Acara “A screencap from ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ repainted in my art style” - Molly Arcara of Red Bank Media Used:Procreate Time...

The Artists Block: Isaac Van Benthuysen

The Artist’s Block: Isaac Van Benthuysen

Isaac Van Benthuysen May 20, 2022

Name of Piece: “Pride” Artist: Isaac Van Benthuysen “[It’s of a] man sitting beside a woman laying on the ground. It took me a year to make from October 2020 to October 2021.”- Senior Isaac...

The Artists Block: Charlotte Davie

The Artist’s Block: Charlotte Davie

Charlotte Davie April 14, 2022

Name of Piece: “Jade” Artist: Charlotte Davie “It was created through some experimentation with realism and trying to discover different styles and originally was supposed to be a more realistic-looking...

The Artists Block: Quinn Hoagland

The Artist’s Block: Quinn Hoagland

Quinn Hoagland January 29, 2022

Name of Piece: "Untitled" Artist: Quinn Hoagland “I did this piece about three weeks ago and I sort of just wanted to experiment with a visual representation of organized chaos. I think we all...

The Artists Block: Alex Batzar

The Artist’s Block: Alex Batzar

Alex Batzar November 24, 2021

Name of Piece: "House" Artist: Alex Batzar “This piece is a painting I drew about a month ago and I really like how it came out. I worked hard to make the texture of the grass on the hills show....

The Artists Block: Madeline Cheevers

The Artist’s Block: Madeline Cheevers

Madeline Cheevers September 17, 2021

Name of Piece: “The Three Stages” Artist: Madeline Cheevers This piece is about the different stages of acceptance as a high school senior looking into an unknown, yet promising future. The messages...

The Artists Block: Anabell Mazzan

The Artist’s Block: Anabell Mazzan

Anabell Mazzan June 17, 2021

Name of Piece: “Isolation” Artist: Anabell Mazzan I created this piece at the beginning of the year as a way to vent the feelings of the past year. I’ve been working on a sustained investigation...

The Artists Block: Meagan Ellis

The Artist’s Block: Meagan Ellis

Meagan Ellis March 12, 2021

Name of Piece: "Nevermind" Artist: Meagan Ellis This piece was a commission by my friend as the cover of an album he’s making. With references to pictures of himself, I used brushes and smudging...

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