The Artist’s Block: Madeline Cheevers


Madeline Cheevers

Name of Piece: “The Three Stages”

Artist: Madeline Cheevers

This piece is about the different stages of acceptance as a high school senior looking into an unknown, yet promising future. The messages range from fearful and reluctant towards the left, to giddy and willing on the right. The feelings that can be presumed from the lyrics are reflected in the three faces in the center. These gigantic life decisions and this process brings up such a spectrum of emotions for so many people, and this was my way of illustrating the jumble in everyone’s brains.

Media Used: Ink and Graphite

Time to Complete: 2 hours

Interesting Fact: In the background I used quotes and clips from songs I’ve listened to that relate directly with the subject of growing up and developing yourself as an individual.