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The Artist’s Block: Aidan Rosenberg

The Artist's Block: Aidan Rosenberg

January 17, 2020

Name of piece: The Geometry of Man Artist: Aidan Rosenberg In the beginning of the year (2019), I took a weekly three-hour drawing and painting pre-college class at Pratt Institute’s Manhattan campus. One of the things that we did in the class was paint a still life using oil paint. This is ...

Disney+ ends Netflix’s reign in streaming debate

Disney released its highly anticipated streaming service, Disney+ on Nov. 12, 2019.

Lakshya Vegiraju and Sam Skolnick

January 17, 2020

Disney released its highly anticipated streaming service, Disney+ on Nov. 12, 2019. In a world where money is not an issue, you could subscribe to both Disney+ and the world’s leading streaming service, Netflix, without hesitation. In reality, many feel the need to choose one over the other out of monet...

Art restorers work to salvage damaged works of art

Alexandre Dubuisson’s La Moisson was damaged in
transport in 2010 and on display at the Salvage Art Institute.

Nawaal Mudassir

January 17, 2020

Art restoration is the process of repairing damage to artwork such as paintings, textiles, sculptures and other artifacts. Art restorers take it upon themselves to maintain the piece’s authenticity, even centuries after its original embellishment. To do so, they use a variety of different techniqu...

Older musicians regain popularity through new music, collaborations

Elton John performs at the Oslo Spektrum in 2014. His recently
released movie, “Rocketman,” helped to boost his popularity.

Carla Vreeland

January 17, 2020

“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time,” Bruce Springsteen once said. Springsteen is one of the few musicians who has maintained popularity throughout his entire career. Along with...

Museums leave female artists out of the picture

A photo captured from NAHS's trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Maddie Lee

January 17, 2020

As junior Francesca DiMiceli of Middletown walked through the Metropolitan Museum of Art during the National Art Honor Society trip on Dec. 22, 2019, she couldn't help but notice that most of the art displayed was created by men. “When I looked around, there was not as strong of a presence in women’s ar...

Like it or not, Instagram removes its like count

A survery of 63 students from Jan. 2 to Jan. 8

Hannah Arbeitel

January 17, 2020

Instagram, a platform associated with its ability to generate high stress, recently decided to change its negative image. In April, the company announced that they will be implementing new changes, making the number of likes on a post only visible to the account owner. As of now, the feature is only ...

The Artist’s Block: Anna Zimmer

The Artist's Block: Anna Zimmer

Anna Zimmer

December 2, 2019

Title: "Spring Ruins"   Artist: Anna Zimmer   In this piece I wanted to visualize that even if something may seem like a “good” thing, it can end up being the opposite. This something can end up feeding on you to the point where you're left almost hollow and completely consumed...

Students weigh in on how their attire affects their mood

According to image consultant Julie Zanes, what you wear can affect not only your emotions, but how you perform in your day to day activities.

Ella Lukowiak and Isabella Ji

December 2, 2019

“I have nothing to wear!” Almost everyone has whined this phrase at some point while hastily flipping through their closet, searching for the ideal outfit. Whether it is sweatpants or a dress that makes you radiate confidence throughout the day, students have all contemplated the often difficult decision of...

“Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” radiates every aspect that made Kevin Smith a star

Kevin Smith is one of the most critically controversial filmmakers working today. With well-respected films such as “Clerks” and “Chasing Amy”, as well as lesser-praised films, such as “Cop Out” and “Yoga Hosers,” he has made a name for himself by simply being Kevin Smith.

Luke Latorre

December 2, 2019

The fictional characters of Jay and Silent Bob represent the core values of Kevin Smith, and “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” stays true to his style while adding a more mature and heartfelt plot that exemplifies his growth as a filmmaker. Kevin Smith is one of the most critically controversial filmma...

Ghostwriters twist information for the public

In 1987,  Donald Trump’s ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz. followed Trump for around 18 months while he was completing daily tasks and managing his business to gather information to write “The Art of the Deal,” which became a bestseller.

Nina Kolodchak

December 2, 2019

In the modern world, ghostwriters work with many celebrities and influencers, such as Lele Pons and even our president, Donald Trump. Ghostwriters are often used to write speeches, books, or other texts that are then credited to the person that hired them. Large companies are known for using this method...

Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music Stream Artists to Success

A survey of 103 students from Oct. 14 to Oct. 28.

Jacynth Apora

November 15, 2019

“The music industry is not’s just coming alive.”  In July 2014, Taylor Swift wrote this for The Wall Street Journal. She believed that although the music industry continued to thrive and develop with the online accessibility of music, the rising popularity of streaming services, f...

Controversial messages go in style

A model poses in a sweatshirt from Bstroy's school shooting collection on Sept. 15, 2019. The inclusion of bullet holes in the clothing sparked controversy.

Rebecca Heath and Maddie Lee

November 15, 2019

Columbine. Sandy Hook. Marjory Stoneman Douglass. Virginia Tech. These names appeared on a sweatshirt introduced by streetwear company Bstroy on Sept. 25, 2019. Though the hoodies may appear ordinary at first glance, there are tears resembling bullet-holes permeated throughout the fabric, resulting in nation...

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