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Millana Young draws for various reasons including her own enjoyment, to be
published and for social media.

Millana Young draws attention to female-run publishing business

Francesco Thorik-Saboia November 24, 2021

Many artists work for commissions, a process where someone is paid to create artwork based on the client’s request. However, most commission-based artists aren’t in high school, and even fewer have...

Many artists prefer to share their work on apps such as Tumbler or DeviantArt, rather than Instagram.

Artists Usage of Different Social Media Platforms

Sabrina Liding June 17, 2021

Famous Instagram artists, such as Tamaytka, Mew Tripled, and cosmicspectrum, have, recently, been posting on different platforms to showcase their work rather than trying to fight with Instagram’s algorithm.  Starting...

A survey of 54 students from Feb. 3 to
Feb. 10.

Is original art an abstract idea?

Adina Saks March 12, 2021

Students at CHS, many being artistically and musically gifted, would agree that art can be a means to portray oneself honestly. As freshman Anna Lindberg of Keansburg says, “I think the true purpose...

Artists are met with creative decisions on their work due to monetary issues.

Artists must choose to create for their audience or for themselves

Nicola DeGregorio and Isabella Ji January 19, 2021

The compulsive draw of publicity and making money disturbs the world of artistry, making artists question their motive to create: for themselves or for their audience. Though it is possible for an artist...

Propaganda has been used in many ways throughout history to manipulate.

Art has been used to change mindsets and shape opinion

Adina Saks January 19, 2021

“Art helps you express the feelings you can't put into words,” freshman Kelly Meehan of Wall Township says. Because art is so easily conveyed and seen, it has often played a manipulative role in society....

Design and Stuido Art Teacher Shelley Ortner instructs senior
Serena Khan of Union Beach in her AP Studio Art class.

College Board’s adjustments change AP Art students’ plans

Isabella Ji June 12, 2020

Advanced Placement Studio Art, organized by the College Board and offered to CHS seniors, gives high school students the chance to experience a college-level course and, for students who pass the exam,...

A cropped version of Peng’s award-winning artwork, “Identity Propagnda.”

Peng’s art gets regional acclaim

Emily Toro May 8, 2020

“I don’t really like most of the things I draw,” said junior Alexis Peng of Marlboro. Two weeks prior to this interview, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, “one of the nation’s longest-running...

Freshman Aaron Diament of Manalapan, senior Tess Rempel of Spring Lake and junior Steve Ostrom of Lincroft worktogether to set up a 48 hour film challenge for the DV club.

Student filmmakers seek inspiration for their work

Ella Lukowiak May 8, 2020

From music and art to the people at CHS, student filmmakers are able to find inspiration everywhere.  Junior Meagan Ellis of Freehold said that her inspiration has come from all of the new people that...

Sophomore Giulia DeFabritus of Freehold performs with her
all-girl band The Bellas at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

Cancelled gigs financially affect CHS and local bands

Ella Lukowiak May 8, 2020

While for some, being forced to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak may seem like a dream come true, others are restricted from being able to go out and make a living. According to the LA Times,...

THE ARTIST’S BLOCK: “A Wizards’ Cove” by Adah Shimanovich

THE ARTIST’S BLOCK: “A Wizards’ Cove” by Adah Shimanovich

March 9, 2020

"This is my still life from Illustration and Design. We had to pick objects to put in the composition, and when I saw these in Mrs. Fallon's cabinets, I knew I had to try to make a kind of "wizards’...

Photography teacher Amanda FitzPatrick gives feedback on a photo by junior Sara Burgi of Matawan in Photography I class.

Arts teachers share world-class experience with students

Carla Vreeland and Ella Lukowiak March 9, 2020

Photography and Graphic Arts teacher Amanda FitzPatrick takes the techniques and knowledge she has learned in the field and applies it to her teaching at CHS.  “In 2016 I started an LLC of my own...

Alexandre Dubuisson’s La Moisson was damaged in
transport in 2010 and on display at the Salvage Art Institute.

Art restorers work to salvage damaged works of art

Nawaal Mudassir January 17, 2020

Art restoration is the process of repairing damage to artwork such as paintings, textiles, sculptures and other artifacts. Art restorers take it upon themselves to maintain the piece’s authenticity,...

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