Millana Young draws attention to female-run publishing business



Millana Young draws for various reasons including her own enjoyment, to be published and for social media.

Francesco Thorik-Saboia

Many artists work for commissions, a process where someone is paid to create artwork based on the client’s request. However, most commission-based artists aren’t in high school, and even fewer have pieces that are used in pitches sent to big cartoon companies.

Sophomore Millana Young of Ocean Township is an artist who illustrates pitches for her mother’s publishing company, Inspired Girl Books. Most recently, she drew four pieces of artwork for a middle school aged demographic called The Selenixies.

Describing her style as a mix of cartoonish and realistic, Young creates a variety of artwork for pitches, including character sketches, logos, and mockups.

“I just always liked drawing,” Young said. “My mom’s always had her own business of sorts, so when she needed a small illustration she would come to me or my younger brother and be like, ‘One of you do it.’”

Young’s mother puts her in contact with businesses and authors that pitch their ideas for animated shows or movies to entertainment companies like Disney and Nickelodeon.

Young often interacts with these businesses and authors personally.

“I do sometimes; all of these are people I know and a lot of them are local authors, so I’ve met them personally. Depending on the illustration, I will talk to them first,” Young said.

While she does a considerable amount of work for Inspired Girl Books, Young also creates art outside of her involvement with the company for enjoyment, often posting on social media.

“Most of my art is recreational; just things I do for Twitter or for fun,” Young said. She has recently created fanart based on shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

After high school, Young plans to express her creativity on a new type of canvas while maintaining her connection with Inspired Girl Books.

“I am looking to be a tattoo artist,” Young said. “But I’m definitely considering keeping that as sort of a side job, working as a freelance illustrator.”