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The Artist’s Block: Julia Kusmenko

The Artist's Block: Julia Kusmenko

Julia Kusmenko

June 12, 2020

Name of piece: “Inner Rainbow” Artist: Julia Kusmenko This piece is interesting to me because it happened by accident. We were assigned to draw a self-portrait for Illustration and Design, and I planned on creating a colorful background for a printout of my face. So I used pencil and paper to t...

The Artist’s Block: Aidan Rosenberg

The Artist's Block: Aidan Rosenberg

January 17, 2020

Name of piece: The Geometry of Man Artist: Aidan Rosenberg In the beginning of the year (2019), I took a weekly three-hour drawing and painting pre-college class at Pratt Institute’s Manhattan campus. One of the things that we did in the class was paint a still life using oil paint. This is ...

The Artist’s Block: Emily Madeira

Emily Madeira

September 13, 2019

"St. Sebastian" by Emily Madeira Media Used: Mixed media, including watercolor, pencil, and gold acrylic. Time to complete: 1 week Interesting Fact: This piece is part of a larger series of Saint portraits that she is working on.   ...

French minimalist stands out for his line technique

Photo obtained from French artist Christophe Louis Quibe's professional Instagram.

Andrew Wang

March 27, 2017

The secret to the success of minimalist French artist Christophe Louis Quibe is all in the most basic element of art: the line. Whether it is a portrait of Barack Obama or a tattoo of an orchid, the unifying philosophy behind the works of Quibe can best be described by a quote plastered on the f...

The girl behind the Northern Lights: Gao uses color in her artistry

Jack Mannion

February 7, 2017

Sophomore Sabrina Gao of Freehold Township discusses her love of painting and her popular posters for this years Winter Ball.

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