The Artist’s Block: Julia Kusmenko

The Artists Block: Julia Kusmenko

Julia Kusmenko

Name of piece: “Inner Rainbow”

Artist: Julia Kusmenko

This piece is interesting to me because it happened by accident. We were assigned to draw a self-portrait for Illustration and Design, and I planned on creating a colorful background for a printout of my face. So I used pencil and paper to test out how big I wanted the doodles for the background to be and soon realized I mindlessly filled the entire page. Then, after finishing the self-portrait, I returned to the page of doodles and colored them in with Sharpie. I have been drawing the shapes featured in this piece since fourth grade, and I like to think they come from within me since they are intricate and playful. With this, I believe that while my self-portrait portrays my physical appearance, “Inner Rainbow” illustrates my inner personality. This piece makes me appreciate how art has the ability to display parts of ourselves that could not be shown otherwise.

Media Used: Sharpies and poster board

Time Spent: 5 Hours

Interesting Fact: There is an uneven distribution of purple shades because I kept finding new purple Sharpies as I went.