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Lin makes a splash in competitive diving

Lin competes at the Amateur Athletic Union Diving Nationals at Northside Swim Center in San Antonio, Texas in July of 2018.

Kaitlyn Delaney

September 13, 2019

After injuring her elbow from gymnastics in 2016, junior Melody Lin of Freehold Township found herself in search of a new sport to occupy her time. Though Lin lost interest in gymnastics, she explained that she always enjoyed the “flipping around.” So, she searched for a sport where she could do...

Injuries prompt stricter safety standards in athletics

Approximately 2 million injuries annually come from high school sports.

Allie Beekman

September 14, 2018

One year ago, after breaking her ankle in two places during a softball game, senior Marisa Harczuk of Tinton Falls had just been cleared to start playing field hockey after three months without physical activity. From early May to early August, Harczuk underwent surgery and physical therapy to get bac...

Professionals serve as role models for CHS athletes

Professionals serve as role models for CHS athletes

Meredith Prud'homme

May 4, 2018

CHS athletes are inspired by athlete role models to strive for greatness and success in their sports. These role models teach them balance and excellence in their sport. Sophomore Nicole Sestito of Wall plays field hockey, track and softball. Sestito focuses on softball as her primary sport and loo...

Athletes play multiple sports

Student athletes spend their time exploring interests in various sports.

Lauren Arnao

March 5, 2018

Most high school athletes practice roughly 10 to 12 hours a week, along with multiple hours spent for games and transportation, according to Skyd Magazine, a company that celebrates the sport of ultimate with original and honest content. Students who play more than one sport must commit two or three ...

Athletes are picky eaters to improve performance

Several athletes in CHS follow a diet to improve performance on the field.

Michael Rau

January 12, 2018

Whether in the professional leagues or on high school teams, some athletes eat a variety of foods to keep themselves in shape for their seasons, while others adhere to no diet at all. Professional baseball player Dominic Smith, first baseman for the New York Mets, diets to lose weight. He lost 21...

Horseback riding is a lifestyle for some CHS students

Photo courtesy of Julianne Sackett.

Mia Gallo

December 18, 2017

Horseback riding feels like more than just a another sport to its participants.They make it a lifestyle, an activity in which they find a family and a home. Junior Emily McNeill of Colts Neck knows this to be true. McNeill started to ride when she was 12 years old. She began after she went on a ride...

Athletes and their parents pay a hefty price for sports

Survey of 92 students from Sept. 5 to Sept. 8, 2017.

Emmanuella Macri

September 15, 2017

Sophomore and figure skater Ainsley Vetter of Wall is familiar with the expenses that come with full commitment to a sport. “In my sport, athletes have to pay for their own skates, blades, competition dresses and outfits for practice. Competitions also have an entrance fee … coaches also have...

Student athletes defy unathletic reputation

In addition to playing varsity field hockey, senior Riley Mullan of Long Branch plays lacrosse for the Green Wave.

Mary Kate Cashman

April 20, 2017

Can’t throw a touchdown. Can’t shoot a basket. Can’t hit a homerun. All of these describe the “not athletically gifted” stereotypical CHS student, said senior and varsity cheerleader Caroline Collins of Tinton Falls. But Collins doesn’t believe in the generalization. “I do not believe in the stereotypes becau...

Majority of students say cheerleading and dance are sports

Blot graphic by Connor Martin.

Mia Gallo

April 19, 2017

The discussion has gone on since what feels like the beginning of time. When asked to name a sport, most people would say basketball, football, soccer, or baseball, but competitive cheer or dance would most likely not come to mind. According to, a sport is “an activity involving phy...

Sports recruitments complicate college hunt

Photo courtesy of Sarah Takash.

Mary Kate Cashman and Kiera Gill

December 22, 2016

Even though CHS does not have sports teams, that doesn’t stop students from excelling in sports at their home high schools and being recruited by college coaches. According to the NCAA, six percent of high school athletes compete for their college. CHS has a number of athletes who are aiming to be...

Athletes beat the varsity blues

(From left) Erin Wren of Wall, Marie Schobel of Sea Girt and Megan Stanislowski of Wall in their varsity jackets.

Shannon Bradley

September 16, 2016

Many CHS students return to their home high schools to play sports. Some students began doing this as early as freshman year and began playing varsity their starting year. Senior Kat Holtz of Hazlet did not expect to start varsity as a freshman but did. She accomplished this after beating out a senio...

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