Athletes play multiple sports


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Student athletes spend their time exploring interests in various sports.

Lauren Arnao

Most high school athletes practice roughly 10 to 12 hours a week, along with multiple hours spent for games and transportation, according to Skyd Magazine, a company that celebrates the sport of ultimate with original and honest content. Students who play more than one sport must commit two or three times this amount to their sports, depending on how many they participate in.

Junior Jessica Seldner of Eatontown, who plays field hockey, lacrosse and softball, said she finds that her sports do not overlap, making it a little bit easier to juggle all three. With field hockey in the fall and both lacrosse and softball in the spring, the only problem relates to traveling with her travel softball team sometimes gets in the way of lacrosse practices and games. “I think that if you manage your time well and do homework in class or at lunch, you give yourself plenty of time after school to spend on working out and practicing with your team,” Seldner said.

Sophomore Nicole Sestito of Wall plays field hockey in the fall, indoor track in the winter and softball, which she considers her main sport, in the spring.

“I have to plan my week and figure out what days I have practice or a game and go from there,” Sestito said. “I recognize which days I am sports-free and plan my social life based on that.”

Senior Marie Schobel of Sea Girt only participates in one sport. She swims year-round and practices about six days a week. Although she doesn’t have to juggle multiple sports, she said it can still be hard to handle swimming and home life.

“Swimming definitely impacts all aspects of my life due to the demanding schedule. It interferes with my social life, family time, schoolwork and time for other sports,” Schobel said.

With time and practice, athletes start to get themselves into a rhythm, meaning they know which days they’re free and which days they are busy. People who play multiple sports know in advance how hard their schedule is going to be, they just have to be willing to handle it.